The American Community

Make new friends and enjoy the company of old ones:  The American Club is the first port of call for both Americans and the international community in Hamburg and Northern Germany.

(Re-)connect with old and new friends

Hamburg is a great place to meet up with old friends. Not only is it a beautiful city with much to offer. As the home to the German headquarters of Linked-in, Xing, Facebook and Google, it is also possibly the most personally and socially networked city on the Continent.

Excellent events

Where else will you have the opportunity to meet at both formal occasions and relaxed get-togethers friends and well-known personalities such as Germany’s leading journalists Tom Buhrow and Klaus Kleber, the President of the Kiel Institute of World Economy, Dennis Snower, or the Director of the Hamburg Ballet, John Neumeier and of course, US Ambassador to Germany - H. E. John Emerson.

Children welcome here

The American Club organizes special programs geared to families, including Independence Day, Thanksgiving and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at the American Consulate.

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