Club History

American expatriate businessmen founded the Club in 1904. Political circumstances compelled the Club to twice disband during each of the World Wars. After World War I, it was reinstated in 1926, remained active until 1940, and then resurfaced after the close of World War II. Since 1951, the Club has been active without interruption.

The Club's original name was The American Businessmen's Club of Hamburg, the oldest American Business Club in Germany. Rumor has it that in the early days it was host to numerous poker games. A more genteel version is that it was a Supper Club. Today, the Club is a respected institution in the City of Hamburg, with members from all sectors of business, politics, education, media, and the performing arts.

In 1978, the Club's bylaws were amended to permit membership for women, and subsequently, the name of the Club was changed to The American Club of Hamburg. Since 1995, the Club has been registered with the local authorities. Traditionally, the residing American Consul General is the Club's Honorary President.