Benefits as a Member

Benefits as a Member

As a member of the American Club of Hamburg e.V., you will meet many like-minded people at a wide range of events. An example would be dinner speeches about hot political or cultural topics (but never partisan), visits and tours of Arts Collections or "pieces of home away from home", like our Independence Day celebrations or our traditional family favorite: The Clubs Thanksgiving Dinner. In January we are traditionally hosted by our Honorary President, the Consul General of the US, for our New Years Reception at the Consulate General.


Make new friends and enjoy the company of old ones: The American Club is the first port of call for both Americans and the international community in Hamburg and Northern Germany.
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Member Card

With your membership, you will receive a Member Card for the American Club of Hamburg e.V. - which not only identifies you as a member of the community but also and most importantly is meant to give you some perks in Hamburg. Focus is on the extraordinary, offers with a link to the US and businesses of our members.

We invite you to make use of these fantastic benefits because not only is this good saving for you - but it also shows our partners that it makes good sense to provide these perks to our fantastic members!

Mitglieder Benefits (Online)

As a member of the American Club, you will get access to the platform "MitgliederBenefits". Here you can save big bucks on a wide selection of products, services, gift cards and much more. You need to register once with the invitation link you can obtain from the Club and then log in with the button below.

How to Apply

If you have any questions about fees, eligibility, the admissions process or benefits of membership, please get in touch with the Club at or by phone at 040-22858445.

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Await review process
  3. Notification
  4. Activation


The American Club of Hamburg welcomes anyone from the US or with affinity for or ties to the US. You can join with a company (Corporate Membership) and delegate additional persons from your company - or you join as an individual. We have reduced fees for junior and senior members as well.

You can find our current membership fee structure here.

Apply today and benefit from our many membership activities