The American Community

Make new friends and enjoy the company of old ones:  The American Club is the first port of call for both Americans and the international community in Hamburg and Northern Germany.

(Re-)connect with old and new friends

Hamburg is a great place to meet up with old friends. Not only is it a beautiful city with much to offer. As the home to the German headquarters of Linked-in, Xing, Facebook and Google, it is also possibly the most personally and socially networked city on the Continent.

Excellent events

First and foremost the American Club is about the community: social and family-style events are an important part of our Clubs activities. Worth mentioning are frequent Burger Nights or After Work Socials but the main social events are our New Years Reception, our traditional celebrations of the Independence Day on July 4th and our famous Thanksgiving Dinner. We also partner with the American Sports teams in Hamburg. Informal events like museum or art gallery visits complement the event schedule. But we also host more formal events: While always remaining non-partisan, the American Club hosts events to encourage discussion, give context and provide the American view on what is happening in the world. For this purpose we invite a wide range of speakers about various topics, from US politics, world politics to international trade, history or science. Also we organize visits of interesting companies, for instance the Airbus plant. Frequently, we invite heavyweights from the US to speak to our Club via Zoom to a range of topics

Children welcome here

At the American Club, we have a number of family-events like our traditional Thanksgiving Dinner or our party for the Independence Day. Also we meet at the Christmas Market every year for some Glühwein (also "ohne Schuß"). We are also always open for suggestions and initiatives and fresh ideas!

Pay less for Events

A lot of our events come with catering - sometimes finger-food, sometimes a set dinner with fine wines, for instance at the dinner speeches. We pass some of the expense on to our participating members, but the price for them is usually way below cost. Also, we use the event-management-platform Eventbrite to manage our Events and give a range of payment options. We cover the fees for Eventbrite for our members, too. So when you join many events, your membership will pay for itself.

Member Card for special offers across Hamburg

Our Member Card provides our Members with a wide selection of significant discounts and specials across a number of businesses, restaurants, hotels, sports teams and services across Hamburg. In many cases even for guests of our members, for instance when you visit a restaurant together or book a hotel room for your guest. We constantly update the list of partners and add more!

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