A US Election Preview with Andrew Adair

The much anticipated US Election Day has come, and we have arranged for Andrew Adair to once again share his latest political insights with The American Club. Andrew came to Hamburg as a keynote speaker for our Club’s Annual General Meeting early this year. At the time, the main topics of his speech focused on impeachment and the Democratic primaries. Since then, many major events have rocked the USA. Much suffering has occurred under the COVID-19 pandemic, compounded by the failed national health response and ensuing economic turndown. George Floyd was brutally murdered by police, sparking large protests throughout American cities and fueling #BlackLivesMatter. Joe Biden became the Democratic presidential nominee and chose Kamala Harris as his running mate. Deadly wildfires ravaged the western States. The Republicans controversially moved to replace a Supreme Court Justice in the eleventh hour. Trump’s taxes have surfaced and he was tested positive for COVID-19. More vile and surreal performances by the President were delivered this month at the debate, town halls and packed rallies, grossly defying pandemic norms on social distancing and mask usage. US citizens are fired up about this election. Thirty-five million have already voted. So, who will win the Presidential election? When will a victor be determined? If Trump loses, will the party members who stuck by him also lose their seats in the House and Senate? How does Trump plan on contesting the results? How will the electorate react to it all? And, how will the divisions ever be healed? In addition to Andrew addressing these and other topics, you will have a chance to ask questions of your own during the 90 minute session. Andrew is an American political consultant and attorney with a long history in Washington, who is now active in Berlin, where he founded DC /Berlin as a transatlantic bridge between the capitals of the USA and Germany. Information about Andrew can be found at http://www.dc-berlin.com/de/ueber-mich/.