Michelle Maltais personal Communiqué from the USA

We all have all seen incredible images in the news of the protests in the United States, resulting from the severe police mishandling of George Floyd. Protests have not been limited to the US — they have even reached Hamburg, with a reported 4500 people peacefully demonstrating in front of the US Consulate General last week.

In order to give us a perspective on the mood and developments in the US, I have asked a long-time friend and resident of Los Angeles, Michelle Maltais to address The American Club of Hamburg via Zoom. Michelle is a seasoned journalist, who currently serves on the editorial staff of USA Today, after many years at the Los Angeles Times.

As a personal favor and treat to the Club, Michelle has agreed to share her thoughts during these challenging times. Her opinions will be given as an informed citizen, and not in her professional capacity as a journalist.

You can now watch the video of this event: