Theater Tip: Underground Railroad Game

We suggest you take a look at “The Underground Railroad Game” of the remarkable Ars Novia Theater in New York, which is being performed in English at Kampnagel in June. Find out more here.

About the play: 

Good morning, America! Welcome to Hanover Middle School, where a pair of teachers are getting down and dirty with today’s lesson. The result is a raucous, fast but also painful comedy on America’s history tackling race, sex and power with two powerful performer, a black woman and a white man, quickly shifting between power levels and roles. The point of departure is the popular “underground railroad game”, which makes the historical battle against slavery and the victory of a modern and enlightened America tangible. Despite good liberal intentions, the characters  get caught in an endless mix of interracial conflicts on gender and sexuality – a nightmare from a supposed “post-racial” age . A critic wrote far before the presidential elections: if this is all true, then we don’t deserve anything better than Trump. The most astounding thing on this evening is that never leaves the comedic path. It surfs from painful to fun, and from fun to pain… and “in every sense sensational” (New York Times).